2024 Stations of the Cross Program

Togetherness is a hallmark of the Christian faith.

The churches of Fort Langley express togetherness through serving the community of Fort Langley, hosting ecumenical events, and prayer. Our hope is that this heart of unity will help us better love and serve the beautiful village of Fort Langley and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

The cross, taken seriously, isn’t a sterile or sentimental symbol. One of the things we can say about the cross of Jesus is that it has stood, from the very beginning, in the middle of things. And it has stood as a symbol of togetherness and hope.

When we stand with the cross we are saying we are, in fact, all in this together. We’re together in the pain, suffering and brokenness of the world. We’re together in the knowledge that we’ve all in some way or another contributed to that brokenness. But – and this is why the cross has meant so much for so long – we’re also together in hope. The cross says that the world has a way forward – a way of love, of peace, of selflessness.

Wagner Hills Farm Society and the churches of Fort Langley are pleased to stand together with this community and to stand together in hope.